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Jeff and Becky Hunt

Jeff and Becky are parents of four grown children and grandparents of four little boys. Their daughter Anna has Angelman Syndrome and puts an exclamation mark on life in the Hunt household.

They are the founders of Experienced Mommy® and KidTravel.org. They have published thousands of articles, read by more than 25 million parents over the years.

They have lived in several countries and states, and traveled to many more–all with kids in tow!

Along the way, they’ve tested and reviewed hundreds of products and are blessed to share their findings with readers (and watchers) of Kid Travel.

Becky is a CPA and accounting whiz. Jeff is difficult to describe.

Ashley Hunt

Ashley Hunt is mommy to two little girls, Rylie and Rosie, who always keep her on her toes!

Ashley loves testing and writing about children’s products – many of which she uses for her own children! She loves using her background in theatre to help her write and film engaging content for Kid Travel.

Ashley and her husband Braden are avid travelers and love taking their girls on adventures.

Extra Help

You’ll see many dedicated parents and energetic kids in the pictures and videos on Kid Travel. We are grateful and blessed to have so many friends and family members willing to help us test products and contribute to our content.

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